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REPRISAL PROMOTIONS Rilis 10 Album Exlcusive Sekaligus secara Independent !

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REPRISAL PROMOTIONS Rilis 10 Album Exlcusive Sekaligus secara Independent !

Post by herrysic » Fri Jan 03, 2020 4:06 am


10 Rilisan spesial SANGAT TERBATAS (50 Copy setiap Title nya) dalam format Fisik CD dari Reprisal Promotions yang hanya bisa didapatkan dengan Sistem Mailorder karena memang tidak di distribusikan di manapun. Reprisal Promotions adalah Subwork dari LOSTINCHAOS Mediazine yang berfokus pada beberapa proyek Rekaman musik saja. untuk bisa mendengarkan beberapa materi-nya silahkan klik Tautan yang tersedia di deskripsi, PESAN SEKARANG SEBELUM KEHABISAN.

Informasi Kontak Hotline : 085667616670 (WA ONLY/NO PHONE)


Dengan Kuantitas SANGAT TERBATAS 50 Kopi !! Exclusive karena hanya bisa kalian dapatkan di Reprisal Promotions Kini Hadir dengan kemasan Jewelcase CD

Summoning the Redemption - Curse the Revelation
(RP - 1 6662019 051079)
@Price Rp. 35.000 (Tidak Termasuk Ongkir)

Track list " Curse the Revelation " CD

01. The Sacrificial Gods Blood
02. Curse the Revelation
03. The Angel Legacy
04. Blasphemous Names
05. Fire Beyond the Sun
06. I Awake the Seeds of Rage
07. Demons Breath Awakes
08. Upon the Fate of Our Path
09. Confide the Wolves
10. Piece by Piece (Slayer Cover)

total running time : 00:44:33

A massive step up in overall heaviness and Evil consistently delivering a solid performance throughout constantly lavished in Magnificent Explosions of guitar and drum work that tend to lose their effect, as if the movie had managed to destroy the Hellish times successively with the same meteor over substance to a new level Insanity. a grade in the vein Morbid Angel, Vital Remains, Aurora Borealis and Goatwhore.

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Slavesun - The Rising Vehemence
(RP - 2 6662019 051079)
@Price Rp. 35.000 (Tidak Termasuk Ongkir)

Tracklist " The Rising Vehemence " CD

01. Into the Light 01:08
02. The Primeval Chaos 05:23
03. Under Golden the Ages 05:13
04. Vicous Circle Eternal 06:13
05. Grand Millenium the Malediction 04:04
06. The Rising Vehemence 04:48
07. The Final Battle of Thunder 05:05
08. Vengeance The Enthroned 04:58
09. Sekhmet : The Exterminator 04:29
10. The Primordial Supremacy 04:44
11. The Ultimate Profanation 05:26
12. Troops of Doom (Sepultura cover) 02:46

Total running time : 00:54:21

Faster than faster Production values and all over the place Uncompromised compositional Blackened Metal Approach. operate within the stylistically vague realm commonly referred to as " Blackened Death metal ", playing songs that are DM in structure and technique, with Black Metal Atmospherics and Esoteric concept the songs employ riffs that are efficiently consonant and Interconnected in transitions which are marked by sudden alterations of structural patterns to redirect flow or change mood, maintaining a constant Equilibrium of Intensity and Melody, Aggressively propelled by Surging, Relentless Rhythmical motion. Especially for Fans of Infernal War, Frozen Shadows, Behemoth, and Morbid Angel. The main melodies Emerge Characteristically from the interior of the non stop barrage of musical momentum and force that provides the foundation of songs, while remaining committed to the defining stylistic aspects and unfailingly focused on the singular thematic Realization.

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Devirginated - An Impulsive Mayhem
(RP - 3 6662019 051079)
@Price Rp. 35.000 (Tidak Termasuk Ongkir)

Tracklist " An Impulsive Mayhem " CD

01. Parasite Monsters 02:58
02. Social Bomb Exploded 03:05
03. Sabda Membusuk 03:37
04. Dumb or Despaired 02:54
05. Pelacur Politisi 02:15
06. An Impulsive Mayhem 02:17
07. One less Bastard on Earth 04:01
08. Resentment 02:49
09. Selling God with Different Names 02:54
10. Trauma (Godbless cover) 04:16

Total running time 00:31:09

Kembali DEVIRGINATED Tahun ini akan melepaskan full album ke-2 bertitel " An Impulsive Mayhem " yang terasa makin nakal dengan keagresifan liar-nya masih dengan spirit materi awal, is noticeably more stripped-down and more immediately pummeling. yess, more fast, aggressive and leaning more towards the " Brutal " side of things on their first albums ! If this is the fortieth time you've heard that in reference to a BDM album, ignore the other thirty-nine! All others in the genre are the Ford Models A-S; Severe Torture's "An Impulsive Mayhem" is the Model T that got it right. materi ini memang tidak menjanjikan apapun selain Konflik otak dengan Bathin ketika tidak lagi satu harmonitas, Persetan dengan Toleransi menghargai ketidak adilan karena menurut kalian adalah pembenaran diri sendiri. and is a solid outfit that will quench any headbanger’s bloodlust and is sure to be gaining fans as they go alone ! is a Masterpieceful of Sonic Depravity that, still to this day, remains one of the most Sickening, Nefarious, and Inhuman albums released with 10 track Uncompromise. Special for fans old Cryptopsy, Disfigured, Severe Torture, and Fleshfeast. Impenetrable Guttural Inflection redolent of a Sepulcher wall, creating an Amusing contrast against the frivolous Insanity of the Musical Destruction. Ladies and gentleman, this is " Murder ! ", art Expressed in the most Eccentric way possible, Damn !

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Pandamonic - Dissective Malignancy
(RP - 4 6662019 051079)
@Price Rp. 35.000 (Tidak Termasuk Ongkir)

Tracklist " Dissective Malignancy " CD

01. Facial Mastication Cadaveric
02. Panda Forsaken
03. Soaked in Blood and Shit I begin Feasting on the Filth
04. Maggots Slaying Absurd
05. Infanticidal Panda's
06. Discharges of Blobbing Sensations
07. Gribled Wasted
08. Eating the Flesh of your Severed Breasts
09. Beaten Strangled and Fucked in the Ass
10. Dissective Malignancy
11. Rising Stench the Cage
12. Immersed in Feculence
13. Raping Beast
14. Abominably Obsessed with Panda
15. Mangled your Cranium

Total running time : 00:36:55

If all grind was like so funny, there would be almost no problems with the world of grind. Pandamonic keep play sick Goregrind with a nice flair. Vocals are gutfuckingly guttural gurgling, and the guitars follow queue. That isn't to say that there are no audible riffs, though. I can definitely hear some nice riffs at times. Mixture style between Cock and Ball Torture, Old Malignant Tumour, and Squash Bowels, a bit, drum-wise and sometimes vocal-wise. Though CBT are more Breakdown Slam Grooving, Pandamonic reaches its high points with pure grinding asshole. Drums are very often blastbeats, and they raw sound and don't really drag down the material like blastbeats sometimes do. Also, a thumbs up on fills. Some slowdown hardcore parts are also inserted, which I found to be rather satisfying, as the show off nice fuckin drumming and guitars.

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Heathen Horde - Self Titled
(RP - 5 6662019 051079)
@Price Rp. 35.000 (Tidak Termasuk Ongkir)

Tracklist " Self Titled " CD

01. God Forsaken 06:30
02. Heathen Horde 05:31
03. Our Glory will Prevail 07:58
04. War Centuries 06:15

Total time : 00:26:15

Ashes from name Calx And so the journey begins, Heathen Horde set their Heavy Metal course with such impressive debut material. It shows gracefuly harmony of killer riffs, Atmospherical, Aggressive bang guitar and drum work, with many heavy metal's sub-genres combined. This is mix of power metal, melodic death metal, folk metal and progressive metal, with some "blackish" moments. So, it's hard to define this sub-genre of heavy metal music with no Synthesizer. Mix of different sub-genres with Epic Atmosphere from Ensiferum, Norther, and Children of Bodom resulted totally on Breed of heavy metal called Folking metal. it's just fucking name of that unique heavy metal's sub-genre. Great thing is that this material album has so many songs with different mood. That mood depends on tempo, ambient, progression and domination of heavy metal's sub-genres I already mentioned above. Power, melodic death, folk and progressive metal don't appear in each of these songs together. In a case all of these four appeared in each song, this would be labeled as progressive metal only also sounds so complex and different than anything from other heavy metal. Our debut Psychal release with very limited Quantity by Independent and will published by Reprisal Promotions into fall 2019 entitled " s/t ". we very welcome for pull together for release this material, if you interested, please contact us for cooperate. hails !

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Clenzed Rex - Realized the Endless Kill
(RP - 6 6662019 051079)
@Price Rp. 35.000 (Tidak Termasuk Ongkir)

Tracklist " Realized the Endless Kill " CD

01. Insanity 04:39
02. Cultural Murder 05:28
03. Prejudiced Disease 03:31
04. Obsolete Identities 03:44
05. Feast for the Wolves 04:46
06. Brutal Kill 03:19
07. Suffer Alone my Hatred 03:05
08. Realized the Endless Maze 03:19
09. Unscrupulous Tyrant 04:09

Total running time 00:36:12

Clenzed Rex born from departing from the dream for a long time the desire to make arrangements that have more challenges than not just wishful thinking, it feels like a dream come true when my obsession began to materialize since really long plan. formed by Herry SIC to play all Everything here and started out with a complete Straightforward in the vein Thrash, Metallicore and Death metal stay create something so delicate yet insanely beautiful and imaginatively inspiring come from listening a lot stuff Old TM/DM bands like Death, Pestilence, Cynic, Sacrosanct, Polluted Inheritance, Carcariass and Atheist were clearly exploring and expanding the boundaries of the genre's definition, grafting fluctuations of form into the marrow of compositions.

Combinations that shouldn't work but never sound anything less than divinely inspired. Some parts of this album deliver a Abstract, mind-purifying atmosphere and some parts have the rollicking propulsion of traditional DM, albeit with a Hyperactive Riff that flails with a sense of purpose all over the place. Effectiveness in switching from softer to harder sections almost defies belief. Sometimes the shift is abrupt and sometimes the band transitions subtly from one to the other or even plays energetic progressions and abstract passages at the same time capable of playing crunchy riffs, intricate polyrhythms, and sparse Metallicore bits in equal measures. come with some simple solos are particularly commendable, eschewing the shredding insanity endemic to DM and focusing instead on calmer, Metallic, and more expressive excursions that carry a cosmic vibe.

One that gives all the instruments the prominence they need and deserve. Clenzed Rex walked one tightrope after another as they made this album and the most crucial one was the challenge of crafting a dense, complex material that was just spacy enough to be inviting rather than Intimidating, one that highlighted all the instruments and gave people a chance to perceive all the musical interactions the band demonstrates.

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Vulgar Butchered - Gorged, Sucked, and Fucked
(RP - 7 6662019 051079)
@Price Rp. 35.000 (Tidak Termasuk Ongkir)

Tracklist " Gorged, Sucked, and Fucked " CD

01. Never Ending to Kill
02. Baptized in a Sewer of Swine
03. The Confession of The North Andalas Serial Killer
04. Dismembered and Dissected
05. Meet your Death
06. Last Fuckin Breath
07. Viscid Pus Smells Vile
08. Black Organ Market
09. Gorged, Sucked, and Fucked
10. Necrophiliac Homicide

Total running time : 00:32:00

Groovy, Chuggy, and Brutal, Fuckin riffed their way through the material without relenting, making it a trademark release in death metal clan. this mean, there's no denying it. was released, Ajojing death metal bands started popping up all over the place. In terms of composition, you can hear how better they got at Groovy Attack and Breakdown to complement the Monolithic Hardcore Metal influenced brutal death metal riffing. Also the music in general is more memorable and expressive, more violent. change themes more often in this material, songs are more real dynamic and less repetitive, in this case it's a good thing. Apart from that you have the band's trademark sound. Fast blast beat sections mixed with hardcore riffs thrown in here and there, and heavy breakdowns, decorated with nice broken guitar playing techniques. Bring back the trademark of 420, Between Two Evils, Internal Bleeding, Dehumanized, Dying Fetus, Entorturement and Repudilation keep being relentless and Aggressive, Gore, Mayhem and Generally Brutality, a word favoured by many DM freak fans.

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Brutalkill - Blasted Anatomy
(RP - 8 6662019 051079)
@Price Rp. 35.000 (Tidak Termasuk Ongkir)

Tracklist " Blasted Anatomy " CD

01. Decomposure Burning Bitch
02. Facial Precognized Neuralgy Convulsive Digesting
03. Endocording The Deteriorotting
04. Blasted Anatomy
05. Munching Cutaneopsoriac Abdominal
06. Drowned With Cum
07. Pathogenesis Of Spherocitosys
08. Secretions Embryonic Fermentation
09. Perverse Defects Septic Amorphia
10. Goremassacre
11. Sacrophagy The Sodomy
12. Cutting The Pulverized
13. In Gore Explore Obliterance
14. Anoplasmical Deform Saturated Of Oxidisied
15. Gagged, Shackled And Tortured
16. The Festering Stench Of Rotting Flesh
17. Munching Cutaneopsoriac Abdominal
18. Infradiagmatic
19. Hatred Increased
20. Carnage Ulcerose Insides
21. Psyological Erytroblastosis Stygmatized
22. Gradually Cut Up Under A Series Of Light Sedations (LDOH Cover)
23. Exfolliative Erosive Ganglium
24. Symptomatic Jigsaws
25. In Carnivore Beyond The Grotesque
26. Genitosomy On The Extracted Sistole
27. Destructed Mithrall Persistence
28. Malevolent Scrotal Incendiary
29. Cankered Disgorgement
30. Purulent Torso is a Perfect Maggots Flesh
31. Geek Stink Breath (Greenday Cover)
32. As Your Spine is Shattered
33. Pulverized Thoracic The Cavity

Total running time : 00:35:27

When it comes to Brutal Death/Gore/Grind, you know what you're getting into most of the time: ridiculously fast, intense, blastbeat, gurgling guttural filled fuckinsanity that generally works a lot better in a live setting than it does on a record. is exactly that, only with a few songs that stand out on their own and contain practically all of the replay value that the material has to offer an absolutely powerful presence that commands your attention. Brutalkill formed being identical in construction disembowel and splattered Bleeding. comes from small city Blitar on East Java, Indonesia With a production that excels at grinding your face off, keep delivery to deliver the more complex hits directly to its listeners is quite a few points away from grinding assault for your face off.

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Belati Berkarat - Republik Barbar
(RP - 9 6662019 051079)
@Price Rp. 35.000 (Tidak Termasuk Ongkir)

Tracklist " Republik Barbar " CD

01. Into the Stupidity 02:44
02. Intolerant 01:06
03. Republik Barbar 01:33
04. I'm The Shit ! 01:39
05. Flames of War 01:38
06. Prosa Neraka 01:39
07. Closure 01:38
08. An Epitaph of Apathy 01:21
09. Our Heroism Sucked 01:06
10. Judge Me 01:05
11. Surga Buatan 01:03
12. Remnants of Truth 01:01
13. Recycled from Tradition 01:09
14. The Impossibility of Reformation 01:34
15. Passion 01:41
16. Fate 01:52
17. Procreation of the Wicked 01:54
18. Aethetic Anger 01:26
19. Mister Pessimism 01:31
20. Warning 01:35
21. Malevolent Surroundings 01:36

Total running time : 00:32:00

Belati Berkarat, an extremely pissed off, political hating & Social Distrust themed band from Blitar city, East Java, Indonesia. barrels through the grindcore circuit, proving a serious genre defying statement. this is Nonstop the implosion of acid spitting vocals and volcanic drumming eruptions, the guitars are just a mere wave of static. The music is always in the right time signature. It all fits together. The guitar tone is very dirty and crusty which adds a lot to the guitar riffs and trem parts, it gives it that whole wall of noise quality to with most grind is how the bands tend to throw everything can together and how it rarely fits and destroy. this mixplay crushing between Rotten Sound, Gride, Nasum, The Berzerker, Leng Tch'e, Blockheads and Mumakil. still havecaustic, angry power. It’s as reductive a power as ever, but it still hits right in the belly when bands like this get it right.

Check Sample song at ... -fall-2019

Savage Harvest - Ignore the Truth
(RP - 10 6662019 051079)
@Price Rp. 35.000 (Tidak Termasuk Ongkir)

Tracklist " Ignore the Truth " CD

01. Believers of the Afterlife 04:23
02. Ignore The Truth 03:01
03. Tribulation 03:18
04. Scracth Suffering 02:48
05. In Cold Blood 02:50
06. Slithering Mind Insane 03:18
07. Prophets Call the Sin 02:57
08. Butcher Era 03:18
09. Crushing The Evil 03:30
10. Entering The Karma 03:15

Total running time 00:32:42

Decided to form a band and create some of the most darkened, hard-hitting, and Energetic Straightforward Indonesian Death Metal on the scene. come from Small Blitar City, East Java. SAVAGE HARVEST come decided to give the scene just what it needed. Something that captured the genuine chaos and anger that death metal was always hyped up to be. With their upcoming first album breakthrough entitled " Ignore the Truth ", band succeeded, and created an absolutely chaotic, brutal, and dark atmosphere well-written Straight Death Metal material. Musically, the album is much more Intense than before, as well as much rawer and faster. That being said, it does not sound like a completely different band; it's still unmistakably Savage Harvest, just a more insane ! Especially fans from mixture in the vein Old Kataklysm, Morbid Angel, Morta Skuld and Brutality.

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